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2/11/2019: At the core of our Seeing Aid technology is using visual landmarks and new technologies to pinpoint your location both inside and outside around the World.

We need your help defining the spot you are standing on and what are in the squares all around you. Actualy we will deliver a solution to rapidly do just that. What we need from those with vision impairments is what is it you seek to know about a new room you might enter or your local park. Imagine you are standing or sitting on a square outline 2 feet by 2 feet. That is just about the space any one person would feel comfortable occupying. If you were to reach your arm out you would be feeling into the 2 foot by 2 foot space ahead of you. What we need is to list the things you want to know about the space you are in, the squares around you, and even the square 5 squares ahead like 10 feet ahead of you.

List of things we need to account for!

Type of Surface: grass, cobblestone, concrete, carpeting, think rug, sidewalk, park dirt path, uphill slope

Alerts in this and other squares: crack on sidewalk, low hanging tree limb, power outlet at knee height, ceiling fan switch at arms length, ice on concrete, 5 inches of snow

Furniture or objects in this space: table, chair, high stool, my friend Sam, trash can, mailbox types?,

Directional Guides: Top of stairs, elevator button, exit door, emergency exit only, wheelchair ramp, park bench

Tell us more, what do you encounter everyday, what would you like to know about the area around you?

For those that are deaf blind please contribute any unique items you would like to at times be guided to or around.

Send your ideas or questions to or tweet us with your additions to our list. This data we are collecting will be searchable, and communicated to our users using audio commands, a Tactile Pad with a tactile language describing surroundings, or a Haptic Glove reaching in and feeling what is around you. This is all part of the Accessibility Cloud we are building. We are not going to overload your senses with everything and anything, the knowledge is there for when you need it and when you ask for it. Thanks

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20 years ago we started applying our knowledge learned in the tech world to build, or imagine what could be built to benefit those with a vision impairment. Joining user groups for the deaf/blind, traveling around the country to meet with blind organizations and schools for the blind and deaf/blind. The following is a representation of some of what we propose and seek comments on to shape a viable worthwhile network of products and solutions for those with disabilities.

Our founder has been battling an illness for years so it may be time to share, hand off, partner, our work with individuals or organizations dedicated to advancements in mobility and orientation for millions with disabilities. You have not seen a product for sale from us yet because we want to make sure we are not just imagining a need that isn't there. But, we do want everyone to be open to our ideas and vision. Sometimes tech can be intimidating and hard to see the final implementation but we think there is something here.

All domain names, experimental tools, and labor has been funded internally. When we find a company or organization that we are convinced would move forward with our work we would be interested in then selling a stake in our future.

If you would like to help simply by asking questions or giving suggestions please reference the Project #'s below and email us at

Announcing the Accessibility Cloud and Seeing Aid

After a decade of design we are now going to layout for you what we have been up to. There is a long way to go and we will need lots of help from individuals and corporate sponsors. If you have low vision we would definitely like your input on what to build in to the project, ways to communicate all the data that is in the network, and some help defining the standards. Email me at or contact via twitter at .

Latest News:

Going to start releasing more info on seeingaid and our tactile language called tactilian now that patent applications have been filed.

Our Seeingaid calculates your whereabouts inside and outside and uses speech and a tactile language to communicate info about objects around you.

To make sure we could talk to deaf blind we needed a tactile shorthand better than other solutions out there. That invention was tactilian.

We would like help in building the vocabulary of our accessible language so its power can be used by billions as a truly global language.

Early on we realized that advancements in technologies would allow for new ways for the blind to explore their surroundings and then upload what they learned about a restaurant, office building, or park path to build models that others could then access before entering the door of the establishment or hiking trail.

There are some patent pending and cutting edge technologies behind much of what we are doing. Here is an outline of our projects underway and planned.


1. Acquire the outdoor data

2. Acquire Indoor data

3. Building a 3D image database for educational tactile learning

4. Publishing the model of numerical data so users can feel and hear about their surroundings

5. Building the tactile pad, haptic glove, and other sensory devices that talk to the user

6. Creating the standards for animated tactile symbols and icons

7. Calculating one's position in the known world

8. Building app's and macros for pathways and timed events

9. Pushing tours of places over the cloud to our users

10. Reporting weather and other alerts directly to local users

11. Building Social meeting places with tactile named avatars

12. Taking and sharing photographs with our tactile camera

13. Broadcasting sporting events over the Tactile World

14. Sharing your backyard birdhouse for others to feel the activity

15. Open up the network for developers to add gaming and other tactile experiences

As you can see this is a big project. Big enough to be called the Accessibility Cloud! It will reach across the globe. In fact people across the globe will be able to explore museums or national parks from thousands of miles away or be in a new location and know what's around the corner, 2 feet in front of them, or on the other side of the wall.


If you are blind or deaf blind and have sometime to tell us what you would want in a solution that gave you access to more things, more knowledge about your whereabouts, and new ways to explore please email me at or reach out to me at twitter.


There are many ways to illuminate. There are many places to explore.

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go where there is no path, and leave a trail."

Visit for some other exciting work our engineers are doing.

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Where we need help is in defining the standards and definitions of the objects, obstacles, and locations you most think we should identify. With the help of manufacturers, organizations for the blind, and users like you we intend to build our tools and stick to the adage of "getting it right the first time".

We are not looking to replace other visual aids like the cane. We are looking to augment existing technologies by incorporating GPS, RFID, and our SeeingAid solution to deliver more information about your vicinity and guide you around obstacles and toward targets. Our solution can see around corners, remember the last known location of mobile obstacles, and teach itself safe pathways using artificial intelligence and user provided data.

May 31, 2014

Time to share, time to deploy.


Please email us directly with more questions. Our email address is .